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AIWA HS-JX707, HS-JX70, HS-JX3000

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Aiwa models

Aiwa portable cassettes players can be classified in three different categories, playback only, playback with radio and the most advanced model has playback, radio and recording features. The payback only models are PX, P, PL, PS, GS, GM. PX is the highest end playback only model it feather touch controls. The P series typically has a mechanical structure and controls. The PL series are quite old, it also has touch controls like the PX. However unlike the PX, the PL modes part of the cover is made of transparent plastic where the cassette tape can be seen from outside. PS, GS, GM are typically low end models with plastic construction. The GM models are not commonly seen, it has metal construction but are still considered a budget model. RX features feature touch controls with digital radio tuner built in, it is a high end model. T series are quite old, it has mechanical structure. The TX models has digital radio tuner instead of analog. RL is also quite old, it has super thin electric controls however the radio is not digital. TA is a budget model with radio. JX models are the most advanced and feature packed Aiwa has ever made. It features digital radio tuner, feather touch controls, recorder, and even voice navigation in certain models such as the HS-JX707. It has a full metal construction.

The JX family

Aiwa's JX series portable cassette players represents the most advanced and feature packed they've ever made.The top of the line AIWA HS-JX707 was released in 1991. It is essentially the same as the HS-JX70 and the golden version HS-JX3000 released later in Japan. It is packed with the best features available at that time such as Dolby C, Amorphous Head, BBE which enhances the clarity of high frequency sound, DSL, PLSS and even voice navigation! This is one of the best AIWA portable cassette player ever! There was a later model HS-JX929 released after the HS-JX707, but is wasn't a true successor to the JX707, in fact the only change was the new logo due to Aiwa's acquisition by Sony on Feb 28th 2002.

AIWA HS-JX707, HS-JX3000 and HS-JX70
AIWA HS-JX707, HS-JX3000 and HS-JX70


Full-logic feather touch transport controls Auto-reverse playback and recording Automatic tape selector with metal capability Dolby B and C NR noise reduction Amorphous alloy R/P head Digital synthesizer tuner with AM and FM stereo band 10 station preset for each tuning band with direct access buttons Digital clock with sleep/playback/recording timer Recording from tuner or microphone input Completely separate controls for the cassette deck and tuner Voice navigation (rather than beep, a female voice is telling you what function has just been activated) BBE System sound maximizer chip DSL loudness circuitry Remote controller with record button Fully metallic chassis


• BBE - Barcus Berry Electronics, the name of the actual BBE Sound, Inc.

• DSL - Dynamic Sound Loudness

• DSL-EX - Dynamic Sound Loudness EXtreme

• HX - Headroom Extended

• MS - Music Search

• PLSS - Private Listening Sound System

HS-JX707 Specification

Frequency range:

FM:87.5/87.5 -- 108.1/108MHz (200kHz/50kHz STEP)

AM: 530/531 -- 1710/1602kHz (10/9kHz STEP)

Maximum output:

7mW + 7mW (IEAJ/32 Ohm)

10mW + 10mW (IEAJ/16 Ohm)

Power source:

Battery DC 2V, reachargeable battery (PB-S5)

Battery DC 3V, LR-03 (UM-4, AAA, R03) x 2

Domestic AC Power (using the optional AC adapter)

Battery life:

Rechargeable battery (PB-S5)

Approx. 2 hours (EIAJ, REC/1 hour recharging)

Approx. 1.5 hours (EIAJ, PB 1mW/10 minutes recharging)

Approx. 2.5 hours (EIAJ, PB 1mW/1 hour recharging)


76.2W x 107H x 27.2D mm

3W x 4-1/4H x 1-1/8D inches


Approx. 220g (0.48 lbs) include rechargeable battery.

Battery charge:

Rated voltage:

AC209H AC115/230V, switchable

AC209E AC220V

AC209K AC240V

AC209UC AC120V

Rated input:

10VA 60/60Hz

Usable batteries:

Aiwa rechargeable battery (PB-S5)

Rated output:


AIWA HS-JX707, HS-JX3000 and HS-JX70
The back of AIWA HS-JX707, HS-JX3000 and HS-JX70

The top of AIWA HS-JX707, HS-JX3000 and HS-JX70
The top of AIWA HS-JX707, HS-JX3000 and HS-JX70

HS-JX707 in black.


HS-JX70 in gray


Golden HS-JX3000 Limited Edition

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