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Custom Made Cassette Player Display Shelves

I have been collecting Sony Walkman, Aiwa CassetteBoy and other portable cassette players for years. I have to confess, I store them in boxes and it is very difficult to find what I am looking. These beautiful little machines deserve a better home than a Home Depot packing box.

I looked online for display shelves but didn't find what I need. I have many requirements but one in particular are especially important to me. I need a way to store the accessories so that they don't get misplaced while only the main body is displayed. So, I decided to custom build my own shelves. Here's what I came up with.

There are "hidden chambers" behind these Walkman for storing accessories.

There are individual compartment for each Walkman for accessories

The sliding doors hides the accessories for a cleaner look.

There's a slot in the front where I can slide in a 48"L x 12"H x 1/8" clear acrylic sheet for protection.

Big enough for the WM-F5.

To keep things simple, I drilled two holes in each panel so I can insert my finger to slide the doors.

I can store the pouch, earphone, remote, battery charger, external battery cases etc. right behind the Walkman.

Every accessories are hidden behind the sliding door, no mess, only the cassette player is being displayed.

I left the blue protector for the clear acrylic sheet on so we can see.

The clear acrylic sheet protects the cassette players from falling and dust.

This is what it looks like without the blue protector.

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