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The Smallest Tape Recorder in the World

In this competitive market, companies are constantly innovating to stay on top of the competition. We often see companies claim that their product is the world's first, smallest, lightest ... you get the idea. As one of the biggest innovator in the past five decades, Sony had created some of the sleekest and cutting edge gadgets. The Sony M-909 Microcassette-Corder is a good example of that. The M-909 was debuted in the early 1990's, it still holds the title of the world's smallest tape recorder. It measures approximately 67.6 mm x 64.6 mm x 18.5 mm (width / height / depth), which is barely bigger than the size of a micro-cassette tape itself and weights only 100g (3.6oz). Yet, it is has most of the features a full size Microcassette recorder has such as auto-reverse, single selector operation and VOR. VOR stands for Voice Oeprated Recording. With this system, recording starts only when the sound is picked up and stops automatically when the sound is no longer detected.

Sony M-909 Microcassette-Corder
Sony M-909 Microcassette-Corder

Here are some of its features:

Compact sized auto-reverse microcassette-corder.

VOR (Voice Operated Recording) system economizes tapes, batteries and playback time.

Easy operation (with a single selector for selecting recording, stop and playback)

Universal jack for connecting earphone with a built-in microphone or remote control microphone.

MIC SENS selector for clearer recording.

One size AAA battery operation.

Sony M-909 Microcassette-Corder
Sony M-909 Microcassette-Corder

despite its small size, Sony managed to include many controls to its tiny body. It has recording battery indicator, volume control, VOR on and off switch, ear microphone jack, hand-strap catch, tape speed selector, directional switch, play, paul, etc. However, there are no built-in speakers.


Tape: Microcassette (normal position type)

Recording system: 2-track 1-channel monaural

Tape speed: 2.4 cm/s (15/16 ips), 1.2 cm/s (15/32 ips)

Input / output: Earphone / microphone jack (minijack)

Input sensitivity: 0.3 mV for 3 kilohms or lower impedance microphone (PLUG IN POWER)

Output: for 8-300 ohms earphone.

Power output: 9 mW (at 10% harmonic distortion)

Battery life (recording):

Sony UM4 (NU): Approx. 1 hour.

Sony AM4 (N): Approx. 3 hours.

Power requirement: 1.5 V DC, one size AAA battery.

Dimensions: Approx. 67.6 mm x 64.6 mm x 18.5 mm (width / height / depth) including projecting parts and controls.

Weight: Approx. 100g (3.6oz) including batteries.

Accessories supplied: Remote control microphone (1), Earphone microphone (1), Carrying case (1), Handstrap (1).

This tiny Microcassette-Corder is used by many law enforcement and journalist for recording interviews.

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