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SONY TCD-D3 DAT Recorder

In 1990, Sony launched its first portable DAT player the TCD-D3. It is about the size of a typical Walkman cassette player. The TCD-D3 can be powered by a proprietary Ni-Cad battery or a 9V AC power adapter. It can record and playback at 3 different sampling rates, 32kHz, 44.1kHz and 48kHz .

The TCD-D3 came with a proprietary cable - the POC-DA12. One end of the cable has a 7-pin plug to connect to the TCD-D3 the other end has two optical leads, one for input and the other for output. Recording is possible via microphone, line inputs or optical inputs. The TCD-D3 was very popular, thousands and thousands of units were sold!

SONY TCD-D3 DAT Recorders

SONY TCD-D3 DAT Recorders

Features :

1-hour charge NiCad batteries with 2-hours autonomy

99-tracks AMS search at x100 speed

x3 or x25 music search

auto/manual 3-seconds ID marking

ID renumber function

16-times rehersal ID marking

10-seconds ID shifting

SONY TCD-D3 DAT Recorders

SONY TCD-D3 DAT Recorders


Recording time: LP Mode (Long-Play) 240 minutes

Recording time: SP Mode (Standard) 120 minutes

Sampling Frequency: 48kHz, 44.1kHz, 32kHz

Standard: 48 kHz 20-22,000 Hz (+ or - 1.0dB)

Standard: 44.1 kHz 20-20,000 Hz (+ or - 1.0dB)

Long-Play Mode: 32 kHz 20-14.500 Hz (+ or - 1.0dB)

Standard Mode: >87 dB

Long-Play Mode: >87 dB (1 kHz IHF-A, 22kHz LPF, LINE IN)

Standard: <0.008% (1 kHz IHF-A, 22kHz LPF, LINE IN)

Long-play: <0.09% (1 kHz IHF-A, 22kHz LPF, LINE IN)

Wow & Flutter: Below measurable limit (less than + or - 0.001% W Peak)

Impedance: 4.7 Kohms

Minimum Input Level: 0.4mV

Rated Input Level: 500 mV

Minimum Input Level: 80 mV

Audio: Stereo Minijack

Impedance: 27 ohms

Rated Output: Line Out 500 mV

Maximum Output: Phones 5 mW + 5 mW

Load Impedance: Phones 32 ohms

Load Impedance: Line Out >10 Kohms

Digital I/O-REMOTE jack : Digital input/output, remote control operation and timer-activated operation is possible

Power Requirements:

* DC IN 6V Sony AC power adapter for use on 240v AC, 50 Hz

* DC 6V four LR6 batteries

* The car battery cord DCC-E160L (not included) for use with 12V car battery of DCC-E260HG (not included)

Power Consumption: 1.2W

Dimensions: Approximately. 132.6W x 36.7H x 88.2D mm (5.25W x 1.5H x 3.5D inch

Weight: Approximately 500 gram with battery

SONY TCD-D3 DAT Recorders

SONY TCD-D3 Battery

Supplied accessories:

BP-D3 NiCad battery pack

ACP-D3U AC adaptor/recharger

POC-DA12 optical input/output

Optional accessories:

RM-3DK system adaptor

CPA-2 cassette adaptor

CPM-D3 car mounting arm

ACP-D33 multi-voltage adaptor

LCH-D3 hard carrying case

RK-DA10 coaxial input cable

DT-10CL cleaning cassette

POC-15 optical cable

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